5/4/2018: This contractor single-handedly brought awareness of the EBB program to 100’s of homeowners in my area and to the surrounding cities. As a consequence, he has far more experience than all other contractors in this area (as far as I know). He is straight-forward with his dealings with the homeowner and embodies the integrity and values of what anyone would hope for in a contractor. In addition, all his workers are courteous and professional. He gets the highest marks possible from me.

5/4/2018: This company and it’s owner, Tim Sparks are one of the most knowledgeable and professional contractor’s I have ever worked with. Once I was accepted into the EBB program, I was confronted by all of the daunting compliance requirements associated with the grant. I interviewed 5 contractors listed on the EBB website. Of all of these, Tim Sparks was the most transparent and professional contractors..by far! If rating was a “star system”, then Earthquake Bracing, Inc. would get a 5 out of 5!

5/4/2018: These folks are professionals, specializing on the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program. They did an excellent job, finished well within one day, and cleaned up everything. They handled all of the photos and paperwork for permits and inspection. They also had the best price, leaving me nothing to pay except taxes on the $3000 grant. I am completely satisfied and happy to recommend them with enthusiasm.

6/1/2018: EBI was very professional from start to finish. We saw photos of a job from start to finish. None of the other contractors did that. The job was finished in one day. When the county inspector looked at the work he said it was one of the best he had ever seen. More braces than required and better bolts than were required. If you are using this program, we highly, highly recommend EBI.

6/23/2018: I enjoyed working with this local company. They were very patient and instructive every step of the way. The work was done as scheduled, very professionally and caring. I have referred others to them because of their approach to doing the job/work.

6/28/2018: I used EBI and worked with the CEO, Tim Sparks. They were extremely efficient and easy to work with. I appreciated the help with posting photos on the dashboard. They were also diligent in reminding me of what I had to do and in helping with some papers that I needed to file again so they were readable. I have not worked with any kind of home repair company that was as good as EBI. Kat G Kat G

8/2/2018: Tim Sparks is professional and courteous as is his assistant, Chad. They stay on top of their work, follow through and work very quickly. We were extremely pleased with the work they did on our house. Thank you Mr. Sparks!

8/10/2018: Had a very good experience with the contractor he’s very knowledgeable and personable and kind thank you

8/15/2018: All personnel have been prompt and courteous.

8/15/2018: The two people that worked on the house were courtesy and thoruogh in doing the work. I would recommend this company to anybody.

8/23/2018: This was absolutely wonderful! EBI made the whole process easy. It feels great to have a safer house. Thank you to all who worked on our home!