Earthquake Bracing Incorporated, EBI, (CA lic #1030502, FEMA-trained) participates in the Earthquake Brace & Bolt Program (EBB), and the CEA Brace and Bolt Program.  We brace and bolt raised foundation homes to prevent them from sliding off their concrete foundations during earthquakes.  A typical home can be completed in one day at NO COST to the homeowner using the $3000 EBB (CEA) incentive.  We also provide a form signed by the contractor and building inspector for a 5% discount on your homeowner’s insurance and a 20% discount on CEA Earthquake Insurance.      

                                 2019 $3000 EBB INCENTIVE IS TAX FREE!

All work is completed in accordance with the California Existing Building Code Appendix Chapter A3 (LA Standard Plan Set 1), and retrofits comply with city and county guidelines.

We will handle the entire earthquake retrofit:  from fulfilling EBB or CEA application requirements, to pulling the building permit, to providing the materials, to completing the retrofit work, and finally, to passing the building inspection.

What we do

We brace and bolt raised foundation homes to their concrete foundations. This includes bolting the wood floor framing to the concrete foundation and connecting the weak links between wood floor framing members using structural steel hardware.  It may also include bracing the short wood walls, commonly called cripple walls, with plywood to increase their ability to withstand sideways motion and the resulting stress caused by an earthquake.

What do we do for our clients once there are accepted into the Earthquake Brace and Bolt program?

Stress-free process!!!

We completely handle the EBB application process and retrofit work from start to finish.


We Have Retrofitted 430 HoMES for the earthquake brace and bolt program, EBB.

We are listed in the EBB Contractor Directory, CA contractors license number 1030502, and have successfully completed the FEMA training program.



It has given me a secure feeling with peace of mind to have had my foundation braced and bolted with Tim Sparks and his crew of quality workers.

Joyce Seeger

San Bernardino, California

I am very happy I chose Earthquake Bracing Inc. to perform the earthquake retrofitting on my raised foundation home. Tim and his crew know what they are doing. I really appreciated that Tim took care of all the details including pulling the permit, scheduling the inspection, and keeping me informed along the way. Even the building inspector was impressed by the quality of the work! If you are considering having your older home retrofitted (and you should!), I highly recommend Earthquake Bracing Incorporated.

Jonathan Freeman

Brea, California

Earthquake Brace Bolt is a great program from the State of CA and you can fine no better company than this. When the county building inspector came out to inspect the work, he told me this was one of the finest job he had ever seen and he had seen many. They used more brace brackets than they were required to use and they also used a better quality bolt than was required. I highly recommends them and the state grant covered the entire cost so there was no out of pocket expense.

Ron Coats

Highland, California

Earthquake Bracing Incorporated completed the earthquake bracing on my 100 year old home in the city of Redlands.  I was the fourth home on this street to be completed by this company and could not be more satisfied with their work.  The workmen were meticulous in their work and the final product was so well done that the City of Redlands used the bracing under our home to train their new inspectors.  I would highly recommend this company.

John Faulkner

Redlands, California

The work ethic

Earthquake Bracing Incorporated, EBI

Workplace safety, along with quality work, are our highest priorities.

We are EM 385 1.1 Army Safety Certified, the highest safety standard in the world.

We also carry Workers Compensation Insurance, just in case.

The Vision

To retrofit as many homes as possible, providing families with secure structures that can weather the violent motion of earthquakes.

The value of the company

Our sense of accomplishment after retrofitting your home is complemented by your secure peace of mind knowing you have a safer home.



Who Pays For The Retrofit?

Not The Home Owner

Who Funds The Program?

EBB – State funds are provided in a $3000 grant to the homeowner to secure the home to the foundation to prevent it from sliding off, but the homeowner must apply. 

How to Apply

You can apply via the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program, earthquakebracebolt.com from October 9th to November 13th, 2018.


Contact us to get your questions answered.